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How To Post Pictures (Read 1410 times)
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How To Post Pictures
Apr 13th, 2006, 6:47pm
The easiest way, if you only have one picture to add, is to use the attach option. You click the "Browse..." button and find the pic on your hard drive. If you have more than one then you have to use the option below.
first start a thread and you will see some tools to use, one of which is "insert image".
Once you click this it will add some code like this:

In between the two tags is where you want to put the path to your image - example below:

This would display the banner image from dictionary.coms web site.
IF your pictures are not on the web yet and you need someone to host them? Have no fear you can put them here
You will have to give your pictures unique names cuz you will not have over-right permissions within this folder.
Once you have uploaded your pictures, the path to them will be :
http://www.8ballnews.com/pics/"your unique name" 

Dont forget your "unique name: has to include the file type eg. .bmp .gif .jpg .png to name a few
Any questions - email me or post them here
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