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Index of Games:
Air Hockey (Flash)Very fast moving game!
Adios, Amoebas! (Java)Shoot and crush amoebas, but don't get sucked in!
Asteroids (Java)You know you love it!
Blackjack (Flash)Try your hand at this game of 21!
Browser Soccer (Java)Kinda hard...
Deep Blue Sea (Flash)Ahh! Jaws!
Delirium (Flash)CAUTION: Very VERY addictive!
Hangman (Flash)Choose from a variety of dictionaries.
Hexxagon (Flash)Have the majority of pieces on the game board at games end.
Space Invaders (Flash)Just like the arcade game.
Magical Mathematics (Flash)Puzzle game - use the numbers provided to put in the squares.
King of the Hill Mini Golf (Flash)Watch out for hidden extras!
Grousehunt (Moorhenne) (Java)This called Moorhenne that is similar to the Game "Moorhuhn" from Phenomedia.
Pacman (Flash)The original ;-)
"15" Puzzle (Java)The classic sliding puzzle.
Simon (Flash)Just like the old game - do what Simon says to do.
Simple Pong (Java)Pong, the classic!
Snake (Flash)Just like the game on the Nokia cellphones.
SnowCraft (Flash)... Cold Thoughts .....
Space War (Java)Yet another shooter. ;)
Warp1.5 (Java)Warp out in this great shooter!
Wastem (Java)Fun and different sort of shooter